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  1. Frustrations

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    Hi guys,

    Just a general update as I’ve not posted for a few weeks. If you’ve been waiting, I am sorry, no excuses, I simply forgot. I’m terrible.

    I have been spending a lot of that time stressing myself out and worrying about ways to make a living with my art because at the minute I’m not even making enough to pay for supplies. I have come up with a couple of ideas but they will both need an initial outlay of cash that I don’t have.

    It can be very frustrating trying to find the balance between creating art that I love and creating art that will make money. I don’t want to feel like a sell out – that would probably feel just as depressing as not creating art at all.

  2. Motivation and Inspiration, It's a two way thing.

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    Small things can make a huge difference to how motivated I feel to keep doing what I do. Last night I had a series of little conversations that were really helpful.

    Most of you will know that I work at the Trackside pub on the East Lancashire Railway and this weekend there was a Diesel Gala with lots of visitors. So, I took a few diesel prints along with me to work and displayed them in the pub.

    They were a conversation starter. Most people were very positive which of course is motivation to carry on – everybody likes praise. (even if, like me, they are never quite sure how to react to it at the time).

    Two or three people told me how much my work has improved over the past couple of years – Thank you guys. I am very happy to hear this because it means, maybe I could improve even more in the future!

    One particular man asked me “is the artist local to the area?” I responded with something like, “yes she is, you’re looking at her”. He seemed really pleased and we ended up speaking together for a good while, I wont go into details but he told me that seeing my work and videos inspired him to continue with his own artwork. Which in turn helps him to relax and remain focused, helping his mental state in general.

    I never thought that I could actually help people with my art, but I am grateful that I can and I feel privileged that he was able to tell me.  He in turn has inspired and motivated me to keep going. If I can continue to help and inspire him and others with my work then I will be very glad to so.

    So if you are reading this (You’ll know who you are) I want to say: Thank You, I am pleased to have met you. And please keep up with your Art.

  3. A week off and Serene day out in Wales

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    Hello everyone, last week I explained that I wouldn’t get much artwork done, but I did none at all, I was away from my desk all week but that didn’t stop me thinking about it, and its not difficult to feel inspired while out in nature. I’m always stopping to admire some plant or creature and I absolutely love going somewhere I’ve never been before like we did on Wednesday.