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CAMRA, a castle in the air, and the Tigers lair.

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It’s been a busy week! Kicking off with a visit to the CAMRA beer festival in Bolton’s Ukrainian club where there were more than 40 offerings to sample, and sample we did.  Perhaps unsurprisingly there were only a few breweries that I hadn’t heard of yet.  The trip did confirm to me that salted beers are not really my thing but I am having trouble deciding which one was my favourite of the day: it’s a very close call; Blue Sky Tea by Wigan Brewhouse, a 4.2% very refreshing pale ale – and yes you can taste the tea - or Magic Number, a 3% very tasty pale from Brewsmith. Just goes to show that low in alcohol doesn’t mean low in flavour.  The awesome Ian’s top of the shop were Xibalba, a hoppy citrus bitter from Pictish brewery and Weird Beard’s Black Perle stout.



On the Friday we were off to Huddersfield where my Daughter is attending Uni. So after sorting out a couple of things for her we drove up a big hill to have a look at this.


Victoria Tower, built in 1897 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond jubilee. It stands on the site of an Iron Age hill fort.


The tower was closed and the weather was rubbish but the site offers fantastic views and we are looking forward to going again on a fine day.


Saturday found us at Sedgley Park Rugby club watching the last match of the season: Sedgley Tigers beat the Sheffield Tigers by a large margin; 80/19.  We stood on the club house balcony to watch the match, we had a fantastic view in the sun and had a beer or two. Great day.  Next is the play offs, giving Sedgley who are in 2nd place in league 2 a chance of promotion.


Sunday was a day of ‘rest’, apart from my shift at the Trackside, the awesome Ian made a fantastic roast dinner.


I’ve not really had time for artwork this week, all the time spent at my desk has been devoted to researching online service providers for my website and newsletter etc. I’m also considering changing the look of my website as a few people have told me that it’s difficult to read as it is. Please feel free to let me know if you’ve any insights to offer?


I have leant from experience though that a break is a good thing, when I do get back into creating, I will hopefully be refreshed and full of enthusiasm for it.

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