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  1. I said last week that I find taking a short break from artwork can be a good thing, and it is, so long as I do keep it short. I am pretty addicted and actually start to get depressed if I can’t create something. 


    Another thing that I find helps is to break from my usual thing and experiment a bit. It’s fun and you can learn a lot, eventually it may even be possible to develop a completely new and unique style and process (hopefully).


    So that’s what I’ve been doing this week. It’s an experiment in mixed media to gain different textures. 




    It’s been a busy week! Kicking off with a visit to the CAMRA beer festival in Bolton’s Ukrainian club where there were more than 40 offerings to sample, and sample we did.  Perhaps unsurprisingly there were only a few breweries that I hadn’t heard of yet.  The trip did confirm to me that salted beers are not really my thing but I am having trouble deciding which one was my favourite of the day: it’s a very close call; Blue Sky Tea by Wigan Brewhouse, a 4.2% very refreshing pale ale – and yes you can taste the tea - or Magic Number, a 3% very tasty pale from Brewsmith. Just goes to show that low in alcohol doesn’t mean low in flavour.  The awesome Ian’s top of the shop were Xibalba, a hoppy citrus bitter from Pictish brewery and Weird Beard’s Black Perle stout.