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Fractals are geometric patterns that are repeated at larger and/or smaller scales. They are found all over nature, in smaller things such as snowflakes, ferns and snail shells, and larger things like cloud formations, storms and even huge galaxies.

In digital art, fractals are unique. The artist uses mathematical formulae to create abstract work with infinite possibilities of form and shape, colour and light. I have found that by incorporating meaningful numbers, such as dates into the formulae she could create artwork with personal significancer. 

I have created the images here using significant numbers and dates from British disaster stories. I do intend to make more fractals from happier stories in the near future.

Approximate Sizes:  


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Print Size:  18 x 26   7 x 10    Print Size:  26.5 x 38  10 x 15 
Mount Size:   30 x 40   12 x 16    Mount Size:   40 x 50   16 x 20


Products In This Category:

At present, print runs are limited to just 5 prints per image

Each Limited Edition print is signed, numbered and mounted.

If you are interested in purchasing a personal fractal image using dates and numbers that are significant to you, please contact me.

Notes about shop images: 

  • The colours you see on your browser are affected by monitor settings and may not be an exact match to the physical print.
  • The quality of the physical prints are far superior to the images on screen - this is because my online images are optimised for the web have low resolutions.
  • The copyright text, e.g. "© Nicola Porter 2015. All rights reserved." has been embedded into the online images only and will not show on your print.



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